how to transfer data from one phone to another android

With the advancement of technology, it is much easier to transfer files/data from one phone to another(either Android or iPhone). If you have been looking for ways to do this, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will cover some ways to transfer data from one phone to another Android.

Things You Should Know?

  • Note that the methods provided to you all work, so is up to you to choose the one you like.
  • You can transfer the files using Bluetooth, Xender, Cloud storage and many more.
  • For Bluetooth and Applications like Xender, you can only transfer the files when the phone is closer to know.

Ways to transfer data from one phone to another Android

1. Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an old traditional way of sending files, especially music, videos, and pictures from one Android phone to the other. Even though it is slow when sending files with large sizes, it has been in existence since the introduction of Android phones.

To send files from one Android phone to another, follow these general steps

  1. Make sure you have Bluetooth on the sender and receiver phone
  2. Make sure you have paired the Bluetooth on both devices
  3. Share the file selected over Bluetooth then choose the receiver’s phone Bluetooth name
  4. On the receiver phone, Click on accept upon the incoming notification you will get on the phone.

The steps may differ in a few cases. But mostly, these are the general steps to follow. In a case where your phone Bluetooth is too complicated to connect to other devices, check your phone user manual for external assistance.

2. Using Transfer Applications like Xender

Google Play Store makes users enjoy free and secure applications for users which can be used to transfer files from one phone to another. There are numerous apps available, but the most commonly used one is Xender.

This Xender app allows Android users to send files to another Android phone with ease within the shortest time. iPhone users as well can also transfer files to their phones from Android phones with Xender.

3. Sharing Over Social Media Apps

Did you know that, you can use your Social Media App to share your files?

Social media is also another great way of sharing files from one Android phone to another. This is mostly used when the other phone is far from the sender’s phone.

Social media apps like Telegram provide cloud storage for users to send files to others. But in this case, even if the phone is missing or the person logs into the account on a different phone, the files can be retrieved without backing up the files. These files include but are not limited to; Zip files, music, videos, images and many more.

Note that, it is not only telegram that provides a way of sharing things online. Apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat can also be used to share files. However, some files can’t be shared on some social media platforms.

For instance, files more than 2BG can’t be shared over WhatsApp to different phones.

  •  Make sure to check any of the social media apps to see which one is the best way of sharing your files.

4. Using Cloud Storage

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to use the social media method in sharing files, you can use the Cloud storage method to share your files between Android phones instead.

One advantage of using the cloud storage option is, that the files can be shared whether short or long distance.

These are some examples of prominent cloud storage;

  • Google Photos (Used to store Images and videos only)
  • Google Drive (Used to store Files and documents)
  • iCloud (Mostly used by iPhone Users)
  • OneDrive (Used to store documents and files)

With the cloud storage, you just need to save/backup the files on any of the cloud storage. Afterwards, you log into the Cloud storage of the receiver’s phone, then you download it.

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5. Using External Memory Card

Using a Micro SD card has also been a traditional way of sending files aside using Bluetooth. It has been used to send files like music, videos, pictures and Zip files. The sender needs to store or transfer the files onto the SD Card while inserted in the phone.

Then after the transfer, the receiver inserts the SD Card containing the files into the phone. Then copy it onto the Android phone.

Final Thoughts

In sending files from one Android phone to another, you can either use an internet connection or transfer locally with the internet depending on the type of method you choose.