How to reset Canon printer pixma

As users of printers, we often face challenges when it comes to how to reset our Canon printers, I have also faced some problems on how to reset Canon printers till a friend showed me some 3 simple ways.

In this article, I will walk you through these methods on how to reset your Canon printer Pixma.

Why do we reset our printers?

There are many reasons why someone would reset his Canon printer. They include

  • The printer is unable to connect to the network (either Wifi or Bluetooth).
  • The Canon printer is not responding to command Aptly.
  • The printer doesn’t function even though there’s a good network setup.

To reset your printer simply means to make the operating system look as new as how it was when it was fresh in the box.

How to reset the Canon printer

There are three ways to how one can reset a Canon printer

  1. Power reset Canon printers
  2. Hard reset Canon printers
  3. Factory reset Canon printers

Power Reset Canon printers

It is important to know that, though it might not be able to restore the printer’s factory settings, it offers you a chance to reset Canon printers.

Follow these steps to perform the power Reset Canon printers

  1. Turn off your Canon printer at first.
  2. Remove its power cable from the power source to ensure that your printer is disconnected completely.
  3. After that, wait 30 to 50 seconds at least.
  4. Plug the power cable back into the power source and connect the cable to the printer.
  5. After turning on the printer. you will find that your printer is reset.

Hard Reset Canon Printers

Note that, the hard reset operation can also bring your Canon printer to its default factory settings.

Follow these steps to perform the action

  1. Keep pressing the stop button until you hear the alarm ring on your Canon printer.
  2. Press the Start button at least 19 times.
  3. Then your printer is reset to its factory settings.
  4. Uninstall your printer’s drivers from your computer by opening Device Manager> double clicking Print queues to expand it > right-clicking your Canon printer and clicking Uninstall.
  5. Reinstall the latest version of the drivers on your computer.

Factory Reset Canon printers

Under this last step, you have two options to factory reset your Canon printer. One method is to use the Reset button, while the other is to utilize the Setup option.

Some Canon printers offer a Reset button which can be used to reset printers easily. Sometimes the location of the rest button varies on different printer models of Canon. On Some models, the Reset button is the Stop button. While on others, you can see the word “Stop/Reset” above the button button.

However, if you use an old model Canon printer, you won’t find the Reset button and you need to reset the printer manually. How to reset a Canon printer to factory settings? Here are easy steps for that.

Using the reset button

  1. Turn off your Canon printer by pressing the Power
  2. Click on the Stop button, and then tap the Power button for 2 seconds.
  3. Release the Stop
  4. Keep the power button pressed down and press the Stop button 5 times.
  5. Release the Power Then your Canon printer will be reset to factory settings successfully.

Using the setup option

  1. Press the Setup option on your Canon printer.
  2. Find and choose Device Settings using the arrow buttons.
  3. Click OK and then scroll to Reset Setting with the arrow buttons.
  4. Press OK to continue.
  5. Choose the Reset option and click OK.
  6. Press Yes and tap OK to confirm the operation.

Final Thoughts

To perform a rest on your Canon printer, three methods have been covered above. So do well to check them as well. If any of these didn’t work out for you,  do well to leave a comment, or better still contact us for more information or ways on how to solve this issue.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Reset Canon Printer Pixma:

Why would I need to reset my Canon printer Pixma?

There are several reasons for resetting your Canon printer Pixma, such as resolving network connectivity issues, addressing unresponsiveness to commands, or restoring the printer to its original settings.

Is it safe to reset my Canon printer Pixma?

Yes, resetting your Canon printer Pixma using the recommended methods is safe and can help resolve various issues.

Will resetting my Canon printer Pixma delete any saved settings or data?

Resetting your Canon printer Pixma may restore the printer to its default factory settings, which could result in the loss of any customized settings. It’s important to back up any necessary data or settings before proceeding with the reset.

How often should I reset my Canon printer Pixma?

Resetting your Canon printer Pixma should only be done when necessary, such as when encountering persistent issues with the printer’s performance or connectivity.

What do I do if the reset methods don’t work for my Canon printer Pixma?

If the standard reset methods do not resolve the issues with your Canon printer Pixma, it’s advisable to seek further assistance from Canon customer support or a certified technician.