How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop Wirelessly

Over the past years, Canon printers have been known for printing quality and awesome hardcopy of work and art. This has made them rank among the top printers in the world.

With the advancement in technology, they have introduced a way one can connect a Canon printer to a laptop wirelessly.

Canon printers can be connected wirelessly, either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Each of them works perfectly.

  • On Windows, go to Printers & Scanners in Settings to add your printer.
  • On Mac, go to Printers & Scanners in System Preferences to add your printer.

In this article, FeroGuide will walk you through the easiest ways to connect your Canon printer to your laptop wirelessly. Let’s get started.

Note that, we will cover both Windows and Mac on how to connect the printer wirelessly to them.

How to connect Canon printer to Windows laptop wirelessly Using Bluetooth

For the first time connecting your printer to your laptop, you have to pair it and connect.

Here are some simple steps to follow

For the Printer

  1. Make sure you have plugged in the printer to a power source and turn it on
  2. If your Canon printer comes with a CD, you can run the installation program though most modern printers will install automatically or the software can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s site.
  3. Turn the Bluetooth on from the printer.

For the Laptop

  1. Click on the start menu And Click on settings
  2. Select Device and turn on your Bluetooth if it’s off.
  3. Click on Add Bluetooth or other devices on the Bluetooth & Other Devices menu.
  4. In the next step, choose your device type to add. Select your printer name when Windows shows you the list of all Bluetooth devices.
  5. Hit on  Ready to Pair Then, follow all the on-screen steps to connect your printer and the computer.
  6. Now, move to the control panel and then Hardware and Sound.
  7. Click on the Devices and Printers 
  8. When you find your printer, right-click on it.
  9. Choose Properties, and you can find the COM port.
  10. Later, try to install the printer driver.
  11. At last, print a test page

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How to connect Canon printer to Mac laptop wirelessly using Bluetooth

Here is a step-by-step on how to connect your Mac wirelessly to a Canon printer

  1. Turn on your printer first
  2. Then turn on Bluetooth on the printer
  3. On your Mac laptop select the Apple menu.
  4. Now, choose the System Preferences and tap on the Software Update.
  5. And then, tap on — Printers & Scanners
  6. Hit on the Add option and select the Default
  7. Thereafter, select your printer from the list.
  8. Enter your printer’s name in the search box, then hit the Return 

Note: If you can’t find your printer in the list, ensure you have installed the up-to-date printer driver.

How to Connect a Canon Printer to your laptop using Wi-Fi

Preparing Your Printer

  1. Make sure your printer is plugged into a power source and turned on.
  2. Check if your printer has an installation disc( in the most modern types of printers, it comes with already installed software on the printer). In this case, ignore this step.
  3. Tap the network button on your printer.
  4. Select Wifi (This opens the “Wi-Fi setting list” menu.)
  5. Select Settings (This is in the “Wi-Fi setting list” menu.)
  6. Select Wifi setup (in the “Wi-Fi” menu.)
  7. Select WPS (Push Button method in the “Wi-Fi setup” menu.
  8. Select Ok
  9. Hold down the WPS button on your router. Continue holding the button while performing the next step.
  10. Select ok on your printer screen

You’re done! You’ve connected your printer to your network using WPS.

How to fix a Canon printer if Bluetooth is not working Windows 10

Follow these instructions and fix Bluetooth not pairing problems.

1. Remove already paired Bluetooth devices from both the printer and laptop

Sometimes, when there are many Bluetooth devices either paired already on the laptop or printer, Connecting new devices becomes impossible. So just simply try to remove already connected devices from both devices and connect them again.

2. Update your Canon printer drivers to the latest versions

Outdated drivers of Canon printers can lead to Bluetooth devices not connecting. This is to say that, Since periodically, Bluetooth periodically keeps adding new features and updating its software, as the Canon printers do so, you need to stay up to date so the Bluetooth for the printer works perfectly.

3. Run both the printer and laptop troubleshooter

Most of the time, running troubleshooting on both Bluetooth devices (printer and Laptop) can help solve the issue, For printers, follow the manual guide for running troubleshooting and act.

For Laptop troubleshooting, On the desktop screen click on the search space or icon ( depending on the version of Windows you are using. Then search for troubleshooting. Follow the on-screen options to perform the troubleshooting.

4. Try to reset your Canon printer.

Follow our free guide on how to reset your Canon printer

Frequently asked questions on how to connect a Canon printer to a laptop wirelessly:

How do I connect my Canon printer to my laptop wirelessly?

You can connect your Canon printer to your laptop wirelessly by using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Simply follow the specific instructions for your operating system (Windows or Mac) to add your printer in the settings.

Can I connect my Canon printer to a Windows laptop using Bluetooth?

Yes, you can connect your Canon printer to a Windows laptop using Bluetooth. Make sure to turn on Bluetooth on both the printer and the laptop, then follow the on-screen steps to pair and connect the devices.

Is it possible to connect a Canon printer to a Mac laptop using Bluetooth?

You can connect your Canon printer to a Mac laptop using Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices, then navigate to the System Preferences and select the printer from the list of available devices.

What is the process to connect a Canon printer to a laptop using Wi-Fi?

To connect your Canon printer to a laptop using Wi-Fi, ensure that your printer is plugged in and turned on, then access the Wi-Fi settings on the printer and select your network. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Wi-Fi setup.

What should I do if the Bluetooth on my Canon printer is not working with Windows 10?

If the Bluetooth on your Canon printer is not working with Windows 10, you can try removing already paired Bluetooth devices, updating your printer drivers, running troubleshooting on both the printer and laptop or resetting your Canon printer.